What is Tango?

After studying Argentine Tango for over 10 years and the hypnotic hold it had on me, after my thousands of hours practice, longing for that three-minute love affair, where my steps are fluid, I understand the voice of my partner and without thinking, gracefully follow and revel in his every nuance, after spending time in Buenos Aires in the ancient dance halls, the question is still not answered. It is said that Tango is a sad thought that can be danced. “Un Pensamiento de Triste”. But I would challenge that and say that it is much more. It is longing, hope, attraction, control, surrender, obsession, heartache and loss. But even with all of that, we strap on our 3 inch heals and go back to the dance floor, just to experience it all again. One step at a time.

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“Enjoy the voyage, there is no destination.”

These images are just a sampling of my Tango Dancer photographs.

There are three different portfolios, ranging from street dancers in Buenos Aires, “Un Pensamiento Triste”, to social and professional dances in Dallas, Texas, “Inside The Dream… Celebrating Women who Dance Tango”, and “Theater of Dreams”, which span a period of 10 years.

To view my complete portfolio, simply call me at 214-770-1934 for a showing. All images are available for purchase as limited edition fine art prints.


Tango 3


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