Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have questions not covered in this FAQ, please feel free to call me at 214-770-1934.

How do I schedule a photo session?

Call the studio at 214-770-1934 and we’ll be happy to set an appointment. Sitting fees are due at the time you make the appointment.

What can I expect at the photo session?

You will find our studio manner to be very relaxed, we’re here to see that you have a good time.

The actual shoot will take anywhere from one to two hours so set aside at least two hours. Sometimes Candice captures what she’s looking for in twenty minutes, sometimes it takes a bit longer.

Feel free to bring your favorite things to include in your portrait. Maybe that’s a favorite toy or stuffed animal, or a musical instrument, or a special hat. Don’t be bashful — bring whatever you feel makes a statement about who you are.

What should I bring to wear?

Stick with solid colors. Bright colors, bold prints, stripes and plaids tend to distract from the face. Darker shades are more slimming. I suggest a top with sleeves as bare shoulders or tops with spaghetti straps often make subjects appear heavier. Wear you hair in a familiar and comfortable style — don’t get a new hairstyle just for your session. Men and boys — a fresh shave is a must and trim that mustache or beard please. Blemishes? Don’t worry, we will retouch your photos to eliminate blemishes and will soften harsh lines as needed.

What if I need to cancel the appointment?

We understand that things come up. Cancel at least 24 hours prior and you will receive a full refund of the sitting fee. No shows and last minute cancellations will, unfortunately, result in a forfeiture of the sitting fee unless we are able to fill the allotted studio time with another client.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Oh yes. You may purchase gift certificates in whatever configuration you desire. We will prepare the handsome gift certificate with your name, indicating the amount of the gift and mail it to whatever destination you prefer.

When do I get to see the photos?

Approximately two weeks after the photo session we will contact you to schedule a viewing of the edited photos. Please remember — proofs do not leave the studio for any reason.

It is at the viewing session that you will make your selections and order the prints you want so please make every effort to have all decision makers on hand for this important step in the process. Allow two hours for the viewing session.

After I order prints, when will I get them?

Allow another couple of weeks; however, we are sometimes able to deliver prints sooner.

I want my out-of-town relatives to see the proofs in case they want to purchase prints. Do you do that?

Out-of-town viewers may see proofs online by request. In-town clients, please come into the studio so that I may help with cropping, surfaces, etc.

Once I purchase prints, am I able to make copies for other people?

Not without our prior permission. All images are the exclusive, copyrighted property of Candice White. You may not copy, modify, sell, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publish or license any images without the express written permission of Candice White, Photographer. Sorry…..It’s The Law!

How long do you keep the proofs from my shoot?

We hold all proofs on file for 6 months. When you order prints we maintain the file for those images indefinitely.