About Candice

“There is a moment when by a movement, stance, gesture, or look, the inner spirit of a person is revealed. Candice White has the gift of capturing such a moment with her camera. Doing so, she creates portraits that step beyond beautiful—they are art, evoking emotions within us.”
Excerpt From Feature Article, Southern Lady Magazine, 2000

Many professionals consider Candice White “the premier fine-art portrait photographer in North Texas.” Publications such as Southern Lady Magazine, Bride Magazine and Brazos River Magazine have featured her work.

Her two self-published fine art calendars, 2005 – Inside The Dream, Celebrating Women Who Dance Tango and her 2009 – Theater of Dreams, contain dozens of her images. Her work, both portraiture and fine art, hangs in many of the most prestigious homes in Dallas.

Candice White’s Story

Welcome to my website. Here’s where you can enjoy a selection of the beautiful moments caught between my soul and my subjects.

After taking hundreds of thousands of photos, I realize how much I trust my vision. Before my lens captures something, my eyes instantly and continuously notice color, line, texture, balance, light and proportion, but most of all the soul exposed, for just a second as we connect. Today’s cameras give me complete freedom and guaranteed success.

I am especially excited by my personal passion for people, relationships, dance, pets and nature. I am tireless in my studio pursuing every possible shape, emotion, movement and dimension. When a shoot is over, moving from one raw photo to another is like a treasure hunt for the gems. My clients make me smile when they are brought to tears with the images of their loved ones.

I am relentlessly inspired by a remarkable aliveness on location with high school seniors. I was honored a couple of years to be chosen as the Dallas Chapter Senior Recognition photographer for the National Charity League. Through the months of photographing these amazing young women, I consistently witnessed the pride and love in their mothers’ faces.

And, when I create family portraits, the relationships, the gestures and the love guide my positioning. There are subtle differences when I create a portrait of a mother and daughter vs. the whole family, the children, the sons or the lovers. And, of course, there’s an instant glow if we introduce an infant or a pet.

I invite you to come to my studio with your suit, your instrument, your dance shoes, your flowers or your costumes. It is my privilege to create a fine art print to hang as an historic glimpse of your marriage, your family, your children, or your pets.

Give me a call… Let’s create and catch a magic moment together!

My number is 214-770-1934.
I specialize in:

Business Portraits
High School Seniors

Candice White, Photographer
1934 Lansford Ave.
Dallas, Texas 75224

“No matter how slow the film, the spirit always stands still for the photographer it chooses”
-Minor White